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Welfare project “La Mammografia e l'Ecografia Gratuita"

La Meccanica also participates in the initiative proposed by WelfareCare dedicated to the prevention of breast cancer!

This year, La Meccanica has decided to join the Mammography and Free Ultrasound initiative as a Partner, which allows women aged 35 to 49 to carry out mammograms and ultrasound scans completely free of charge. The initiative is organized by WelfareCare, a Venetian company active in promoting prevention plans dedicated to women, and by the municipality of Cittadella.

progetto welfare

The project also aims to raise awareness among younger women in the prevention of breast cancer, which in Italy affects about 55,000 women in a year.
On the 21 and 22 June from 9.00 am to 6 pm a 7-meter mobile clinic equipped with an examination room, ultrasound and mammography unit of the latest generation, will make a stop in Cittadella, in Piazza Pierobon, allowing all women who have booked and are residing in Cittadella, to benefit from mammograms and ultrasound scans for free. All in the presence of medical specialists and in full compliance with privacy and anti-Covid regulations in force.
Reservations can be made within the WelfareCare portal near the date of the event (