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Pellet Mill Customization II

La Mecccanica Pellet Mills have a variety of components for customization that are highly recommended for achieving the best performance and feed pellet quality.

Here are another important components of La Meccanica Pellet Mills for Animal Feed Pellets. 

Door and safety device

The pellet mill door is entirely stainless steel made with two knife assemblies fitted on a separate sector of the pellet mill block, allowing the door to be opened without altering the setting of the knives.
A safety device, including pneumatic piston and electrical valve, is installed on the main door and interlocked with the rotating driven pulley in order to stop the door until the die is in motion and so to prevent damages to the operator.

Feed conveyor

The connection between conditioner and pellet chamber is made through a feed conveyor made in stainless steel type AISI 304 (thickness = 2 mm).
An inspection door with safety grid is located on the feed conveyor. Magnet A permanent magnet is fitted in the chute to avoid ferrous metal entering the die.
Overload flap On the feed conveyor there is an overload flap driven by pneumatic piston with solenoid valve.

Heating plates

Electrical heating plates can be placed on the door of the microdosers, on the conditioner and/or on the front conveyor/main door of the pellet mill.
These heating plates are set up to keep the inner temperature of the chamber at 80°C, to prevent the formation of condensation, deposits and scabs, keeping the inside chamber always clean, dry and safe.