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Pellet Mill Customization III

In this section you can find the components build for a fast installation and removal of the die. They are very important because permits easy maintenance operation and prevents damage. 

Main shaft

The main shaft is mounted on the pellet mill block by means of bronze bushings. The front of the shaft is chrome-plated for prevent against corrosion. 
A labyrinth closure made in stainless steel, and a plugwasher between the die holder and main shaft prevent damage to the bearings due to the dust penetration.

Roll adjusting and control

The rolls are locked in the rear roll support on the main shaft by means of a special expander ring, thus ensuring a solid roll anchoring. The roll bearings are protected by labyrinth seals.

Rapid Block

This device allows the die to be changed in 5-15 minutes, depending on its dimensions. It is composed of a single expanding steel ring which, when contracted, clamps the die in position.
The clamping action of the tapered steel ring is secured by a series of spring assemblies. The Rapid Bloc clamping action on the die is released by a counter action on the spring assemblies activated by a hydraulic operated piston.