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Pellet Mill Customization VI

All our pellet mill models can be customized following the need of the client. Our objective is to supply all our customers with the machine that best meets their needs.

Automatic lubrication system

This system includes a pump for high viscosity grease. It has a paddle system to break up air bubbles. The system is connected to the press through a rotary distributor applied directly on the mill shaft.
Lubrication is controlled by an electric panel, included in the supply. This panel makes it possible to meter out the amount of grease required.
This is done using two timers which enable you to regulate the lubrication and pause times. We can supply separately the fill-in system to connect the grease tank to the pump.

Emergency level probe for front conveyor

Especially in the case of formulas containing fat or oil, the pellet press machine is often subject to so-called “wet clogging.” The “wet clogging” is when the die starts to slide and to reject the product without overloading the motor: the only noticeable thing is a strong oscillation of the ammeter. In a few seconds, you have the clogging in the die chamber and in the front conveyor. In this case, La Meccanica’s level indicator reports the anomaly and ensures that the pellet press can be stopped without serious consequences.