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Among the 30 top companies of the territory

Cittadella, the balance sheets, the analyses, the numbers: here are the top 30 companies in the area The map of the Business Register: more than 2,300 companies and local units employ over 10,500 people

We are among the top 30 companies in the area in terms of turnover

More than 2,300 companies, the joint-stock companies, add up to a production value that exceeds 2.53 billion euros. The total number of local businesses and units, however, all together employ over 10,580 local employees, of almost 8,900 direct employees.

The glance at Cittadella is not exhaustive in telling what the economy of this piece of Veneto is. But numbers hold the power to simplify and summarize concepts that are not immediately perceivable. 
Thanks to the official data from the Companies Registry and the Chamber of Commerce, we can read about the local economy. The data highlights substantial stability of the Cittadella production system in the last five years, which however hides important transformations.

In the same period, total local employees increased by 13% from 9,350 to 10,579 recorded at the end of 2022, a more significant growth was recorded for employed employees, which increased in the last four years by 17.8%, from 7,545 to 8,889. The sector that has shown a more marked positive dynamic in employees is construction, +23.6% in total employees, +38.4% in employee employees, other services with a progression of 18.3% for total local employees and 20.8% for those employed, finally the Commerce, transport, hotels sector with an increase of 10.6 percent in total local employees and 19.2% for those employed. The data for employed workers also shows a double-digit trend for agriculture, +24.6 percent, and industry, +10.4 percent. From the point of view of the value of production, the dominant sector is industry in the strict sense which is close to 2 billion euros, with a variation of almost 60 percent over the four-year period, followed by trade, transport, and hotels with an increase of 346 million by 28.57 percent.

In a world led by data, it is important not to forget the involvement of the companies in supporting the territory in social activities, sustainable initiatives, and projects but also in art and culture. The territory must grow also in terms of preparation and training, especially for young people, who need to be guided by this focus. 

For more information regarding all the data, you can take a look at the Nordest Economia Magazine