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Machinery for wood and biomass

Machinery for Wood & biomass

Biomass processing is one of the most interesting challenges for the present and for the years to come. Even today, biomass is the 15% of primary energy use in the world: one of the most important resource available to man. One way to put the focus on the environment and energy savings

Machines (5 typologies)

By clicking on the picture of each plant you can touch the quality of La Meccanica and the technical characteristics of each machine

The use of biomasses, wood and agricultural waste in order to produce renewable energy is one of the most important challenges in order to achieve sustainability in the world we live in. Biomasses processing already makes up a remarkable amount of the primary energetic uses worldwide, and its share and dimension will keep on growing in the medium and long run, because the defence of the environment through “green energy” is by now a widespread priority.. With its care about sustainability, LA MECCANICA has been building and testing for years, under the most harsh operative conditions, a whole range of hi-tech machinery and plants for the processing of biomasses wood and agricultural waste.The machines and the processing solutions, specifically designed and conceived according to the raw materials involved, are fit to turn the following into high-output fuel:

  • Forest biomasses: waste from wood processing, from pruning and also material from purposefully grown plantations
  • Agricultural biomasses: “Agro Biomasses”, ad-hoc energy agriculture, cereals straw and the like, alfalfa, hay, miscanthus, etc.
  • Industrial biomasses, basically waste from certain alimentary productions, such as sansa, residues from juice productions, etc.