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Molasses mixer

Immediately after the mixing process has been completed, the product can be coated in the same machine. This happens in what is known as the expansion stage. The mixed material is powdered with unmixed material. This prevents the subsequent conveyor units from sticking together.
La Meccanica's molases mixer guarantees a great mixing effect and high throughput.

molasses mixer
- Machine completely made in stainless steel.
- Large hinged door for inspection to clean easily the machine.
- Protections and security systems to CE standards.
- Non-stick internal coating made in plastic plymer easily changeable.
- n.4 connections for liquid injection.
- Drive with V-ropes and protective casing.
- Side balancing plates for dynamic balance of the machine.

Technical features

Diameter Length Drive pulley Driven pulley Motor power Belts RPM Volum  
600 mm 2100 mm 315 mm 630 mm 55 kw n.5 belts 800 593.8 dm³ Melassatrice%20MXB2.pdf