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Pellet mill CLM 630 Xperience

La Meccanica follows every day the path of innovation to make pelletizing more practical and efficient by combining innovative engineering and design with the latest production technology. The CLM 630 Xperience pellet press model is the sign of changing times and represents our company's commitment to a more technological and sustainable future. Attention to form enhances the values ​​of quality and reliability that has always distinguished us. 

pellet mill 630 xperience

Unique design: it fits perfectly both in existing systems, giving them freshness, and in new systems, helping to create the perfect union between the intrinsic quality and the perceived quality of our pellet presses.

Design for a cleaner workplace: The optimized surfaces make the pellet press more compact and avoid the accumulation of dust, harbingers of contamination.

Operator Dedicated Design: the more compact and linear shape makes cleaning easier and faster, with tangible benefits on the working environment and on the quality of the environment. Inspection hatch\es for access to the conditioner with upward piston opening for greater safety


“630” units are our most popular and widespread model, thanks to their solid construction and low maintenance costs and machine downtime


The plus Xperience: when design becomes functional

✔ more compact shape and functional design,
✔ small surfaces to prevent dust from entering and facilitate cleaning,
✔ air conditioner with inspection doors designed for greater safety
✔ thermal insulation of the air conditioner which guarantees energy savings and high thermal inertia

To make the most of your Xperience – optionals

- Automatic roller adjustment: to always have the optimal distance between rollers and extruder
- Rapid Block: for a possible die change in 15 min.
- Double By-Pass on the conveyor to have the opportunity to exploit the action of the conditioner even when you don't want to pellet.
- Belt anti-slip sensor: to best preserve the integrity of the machine in the event of anomalies.
- Automatic lubrication: to have optimal lubrication of the rollers and reduce waste lubricant Innovation

The pluses of our pellet presses from 60 years to today:

Construction able to last decades 

  • Use of stainless steel on all surfaces in contact with the product
  • Cast iron base to minimize any vibrations
  • Towing units sized to withstand the most significant stresses
  • A unique construction precision that allows a very high inertia of the rotors
  • Commercial parts purchased from world leading suppliers

Technical solutions to minimize maintenance costs 

  • Wear ring: preserves the integrity of the bell
  • Belt transmission: it is simple to manage and cuts down and does not involve the very high costs of maintenance of gear transmissions
  • Roller lubrication systems built and calibrated internally at La Meccanica

Modularity and customization

  • Dosing auger sized according to the characteristics of the product to be pelleted
  • Wide range of conditioners applicable to the pellet press according to the product pelletizing, the required retention time and the available space.
  • Application of stainless steel heating plates on air conditioners, door and conveyor of the pellet press
  • Engine positioning both on the right and on the left in the classic version or c.d. compact that allows to reduce the width of the pellet press.
  • Single or twin engine versions, Differentiating die working ranges according to the product and capacity requirements requests.
  • Wide range of optional according to your specific needs.

Technical features

Component  Collected data  Advantages
Screw feeder Working hours, rotation speed (rpm), motor power absorption Ordinary maintenance, calculation of the volumetric hourly flow rate, detection of the operating status of the feeder detection and recording of the absorbed energy
Conditioner Working hours, rotation speed (rpm), motor power absorption, temperature, % steam valve opening, steam pressure Ordinary maintenance, detection of the conditioner operating status, detection and recording of the absorbed energy, evaluation of the steam flow rate.
Pellet mill block  Working hours die rotation speed (rpm), rollers rotation speed (rpm), engine power absorption, rollers/die distance, support transmission temperature, motor bearings temperature, roller bearings temperature. Ordinary maintenance, control to prevent possible slippage of the rollers and consequent clogging of the machine, detection of the working status of the pellet mill, detection and recording of the absorbed energy, control of the position of the rollers in the various processing steps, adjustment of the distance of the rollers for prevent slipping phenomena, detection of the state of the bearings of the transmission, detection of the state of the bearings of the motor, detection of the state of the roller bearings
Lubrification Working hours, pumping cycles Ordinary maintenance, calculation of grease consumption
General information   Production capacity, energy consumption